Sunday, February 10, 2013

Do It As Unto the Lord

Kim and I have been doing a marriage counseling session each Friday night with another couple. This is the second time we have used this particular teaching material. One thing that stuck out in my mind this time through is the statement, "whatever you do, do it as unto the Lord." The basic premise or principle this taught me is that I am to show my love to my wife as though I were showing my love to the Lord. When I do this, her actions are secondary. It does not matter what she does or what she says. I am loving Christ through her. If you stop and think about this it changes everything. So much of what we do in our relationships is based on responding to what others say and do. Would your arguments with your spouse stop if you thought you were relating to God? I dare say this one thought will revolutionize your marriage.

Pastor Nixon Ackon is one of the missionaries our church supports. Nixon is a missionary with the Rock of Ages Prison Ministries in Ghana, W Africa. I first met Nixon back in 1998 while I was living in Ghana. I was out in town soul winning and inviting people to our newly established church, Rehoboth Baptist Church in Takoradi. I went to a little hardware kiosk to follow up with the lady who owned the store. Nixon was there doing the same thing for his church. We began to talk about our respective churches. He claimed to be a Baptist pastor but as we talked he confessed that he only chose that name for his church because he had met some people from the USA that were Baptists and he wanted to associate with them. He asked if we could work together. I asked him about what he believes the Bible teaches about certain things and realized very quickly we were not in agreement doctrinally. I invited him to my house where, for the next several months,  we studied the Bible together, in particular the doctrines that make me a Baptist. Soon after that time Nixon went back to a Baptist Bible Institute and studied further, was eventually ordained in our church, and has been serving the Lord faithfully ever since. Nixon, his wife Mary, and their children were a very faithful family in our church for many years while we served in Ghana.

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