Friday, January 3, 2014

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things...

The Christmas decorations have been taken down and packed away. There is nary a trace that a holiday even happened around here. I suppose there is a bit of sullenness that accompanies the period of time right after Christmas. After all, Christmas can be such an emotionally stimulating celebration. I mean there is family, and meals (lots of meals!), and gifts, and old Hallmark movies and commercials...well you get the picture.

Emma (L) - Dani (R)
This year was special for our family. We had all five kids including our three married children and their spouses with us. I feel having them all here was the best gift Kim and I could have received. We likely will not enjoy this situation very often since there are those other guys (in-laws) that will require the presence of the kids for the holidays. This year, however, was made even more special because we got to celebrate with two very new granddaughters, Emeilia Grace (Emma born in August) and Christina Ana-Danielle (Dani born in November).

Yes the house was packed. But it was fun. I love the fact that our kids love to be home for the holidays. I love the fact that they laugh and carry on and eat. Then they laugh some more and eat some more. Man can they eat!

There are so many of us that the gift opening becomes a rather chaotic exercise in which we kind of get lost in a sea of wrapping paper. We have a blast enjoying the mess.

I am so thankful God has blessed our family with such a loving spirit.

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