Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Please Send Flowers

Just this past week a family friend, a man we always called our uncle, died after suffering a long battle with a debilitating bone disease. A few days leading up to his passing the family all began to post funny stories and memories of how he made their lives much richer. It was a very uplifting and enjoyable thing to see.

It got me thinking about the funeral. I won't be able to attend but I am sure there will be heaps of flowers present at the service because he was loved by so many. Those flowers will decorate the occasion and make the grave look beautiful. Each card will come with a note, a sentiment of love and sorrow. Then the flowers will fade away and be forgotten. Don't misunderstand me, I am not against sending flowers for a funeral. I want you to think about this though. Why don't we send flowers (so to speak) while the person is alive? Why don't we send notes of encouragement to the people that have affected our lives as a way of encouragement? Why can't we send a text, shoot an email, tweet, or heaven forbid pick up the phone and actually call the person?

Years ago I heard a sermon preached on this subject and it really hit home with me. I started telling people how much I appreciate the influence they have had in my life through the years. It is not always mushy and dramatic. It is not often very overt and public. But the people that have influenced me the most know what impact they have had.

I have had a few people come to me and say something similar about what I mean to them. It has a profound impact on me. It makes me want to invest my life even more in others. It serves as a motivation for me to be always ready to encourage and edify others.

Now these folks could have waited until my funeral to speak out and tell others what I had done for them, but it would not have blessed me.

My wife is crafty. Or should I have said she is a crafter? She spends hours every week making beautiful cards for birthdays, anniversaries, or just cards of encouragement. She makes and sends close to 200 cards a year to our church family, our missionaries, as well as family and friends. She knows the importance of encouragement.

Who has impacted you? What have they meant to you? Why not send your "flowers" on ahead where they can do the most good?

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