Saturday, April 19, 2014

He Is Not Here - Did You Just Miss Him?

I have had three brushes with "earthly fame" in my life. I had the opportunity to meet and talk with someone we might call "famous" in the eyes of the world.

I was traveling back from a business trip and just got in to the baggage area at the Hartford Airport. Standing just five feet from me was Pat Boone. Now to some of you the name Pat Boone does not mean too much. He was a Christian entertainer that was quite popular back in the 70's. I was so excited to to see this outspoken Christian man that had achieved fame. I wanted so badly to go up and shake his hand and tell him how much I appreciated his stand in Hollywood. I was too embarrassed or scared or whatever. I missed my opportunity.

Another time, at another airport, in another country (England) we were in the gate area at Gatwick airport waiting for our trans-atlantic flight. I had gone to find some drinks for the family when I heard this commotion. When I got back to the family I saw Elton John had just passed by where the family was sitting and went through a door into a lounge of some sort. I was off doing something else and missed him.

I was twelve years old. One of my teachers in public school had an after school job as supervisor of a city park that had quite the facilities. He invited four or five of us guys to come to the park that evening and hang out while he worked. This park actually had a professional boxing ring and we could not resist. The gang was in the ring bouncing around having a blast when all of a sudden the doors to the gym burst open and this group of large black men came into the gym shouting and yelling at us to get out. The main guy was shouting to us "get out of my gym before I hurt you." As we ran ran past him he stuck his humungous boxing glove right in my face as though he was going to punch me and then...smiled at me. That did not make me feel any better. I ran for my life and went straight to Greg our teacher. We told him what had happened and he burst out laughing at us. He said to us, "Don't you know who that is? That is Cassius Clay." Because I had no clue who he was and was so scared I did not get a chance to enjoy that moment either.

These stories are all true and serve to remind me of the story in scripture where Mary and other women ran to the grave only to hear the angels say, "He is not here, He is risen from the grave." They had just missed him.

Now I do not intend to equate these three worldly famous people to the Lord Jesus Christ. My stories are intended only to illustrate the fact that people can "miss" the Saviour for many of the same reasons I missed these wordily superstars. I missed Pat Boone because I was too embarrassed. I missed Elton John because I was busy doing other things. I missed Cassius Clay because I did not recognize who he was.

We are celebrating the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ this week. He offers eternal life to all who receive his gift of forgiveness through his death, burial, and resurrection. Don't miss your opportunity to meet him.

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