Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Common Sense - Where Are You?

All I am asking for is that common sense prevail. 

Think about this. I say I do not want cross dressers, transgenders, and other “off sex” persons to go into bathrooms with children of the opposite sex. I am labeled a homophobe, bigot, and all round bad guy. I say that anyone who votes for our elected officials needs to be a legal citizen and should prove that they are such at the polls and I am labeled as a person who wants to throw grandma off the cliff and take away the rights of the poor. I say that our welfare system needs to be revised to help those in need get trained so they can work for a living. I say, instead of giving a freeway to life in the USA to those who may want to blow us up, let us take time to be careful to look closely at those who come from parts of the world where there are such people.

To me these are a few issues where common sense is not prevailing in our society. Most of us citizens in the US are kind hearted compassionate people who have no problem helping those in need. Most of us  come from a background where “immigrant” was our family status at one time or another. But when the Italians, Polish, Serbians, Russians, Greeks, etc., came to America they did not come with the intent to kill Americans. Of course not all people who come from the Middle East want to kill us. But there are many who do! Thats a fact supported by their own words and their own religious document.

We have reached a time in the USA where common sense has left us. We are now reacting to media driven frenzy and political correctness that is driving away sensible dialogue and leaders who have integrity to do the right thing.

Here is my take on common sense reactions to some of these issues (for what it is worth).

Voter registration - If you do not want illegal people to vote (and I hope you don’t) how would you make sure they don’t? If they cannot prove their citizenship by a driver’s license or some other document how do you know they are who they say they are?

Transgenders in bathrooms - Do you want men going into the bathroom with little girls? I hope not. What is your common sense solution to this?

Lifetime welfare recipients - Do you want able bodied men and women (who could work for a living if they had the opportunity) to live off of welfare for an extended period of time? Would it not be better for their self-esteem and their families if they could do better than welfare? I realize there are mitigating circumstances and some people cannot work. I am not advocating to stop helping them. Do you think there should be a way to get help to those recipients that just need to be retrained and given tools to make them more marketable? 

I ask you this question - Why are the Syrian refugees getting such treatment when untold millions of African refugees are being ignored? African countries have been decimated by civil and religious wars for decades. I do not hear a word about our government reaching out to bring them here (at least not on the scale of the Syrian crisis.) Common sense would say, “Lets at least make sure we are not paying for the plane ticket of those who want to kill us.”

We need to stop putting words in each other’s mouths (on both sides.) Common sense would dictate that there are solutions to these issues but they will not be reached when vitriol and hatefulness are the attitudes of the citizens.

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