Saturday, April 13, 2013

Can't A Guy Get Any Privacy Anymore?

There is  major golfing event going on this week called The Master's. For many of you this means nothing. For the golf enthusiast (I am about a six on a scale of 1-10) this is a big deal. I love to golf, unfortunately my golfing skills are on par (pun intended) with my ukulele skills (see previous post). One of the things I admire about this sport is the tradition of honesty that accompanies the game. A player will call a penalty on himself even if no one else sees it. Its actually pretty incredible when you think about it, especially with as much money that is on the line with every stroke.

The world of golf is changing. Because of the technological world we live in we now have TV viewers calling in and reporting an infraction. For some of the more famous golfers almost every move they make is caught on air. This week Tiger Woods was forced to drop his ball after he had hit it into the lake. By rule, he should have dropped it as close as he could to the spot of his previous shot. Instead he dropped it a few feet further away from the hole. A TV viewer called someone from the tournament and questioned the legality of the play. The next day Tiger Woods was penalized two strokes for the error.

You and I do not live our lives with a TV camera following us around (did I hear a roaring AMEN?). Often we can get away from everybody and everything and enjoy some quiet solitude. Sometimes when we feel like no one is watching we even indulge ourselves with a little guilty pleasure (an extra chunk of milk chocolate, large scoop of ice cream, a little more sugar in the coffee, etc.) No one will know, why not? That is the way many Christians live their lives. No one will ever know.

The Bible teaches otherwise. We can do nothing in secret because the Lord sees it all. We cannot hide from the all seeing eye of a Holy God. The Bible says, "For nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest; neither anything hid, that shall not be known and come abroad."- Luke 8:17

Knowing that God is ever present with us will revolutionize our lives as His children. So to answer my own question, no there is no privacy.

Haley has another biography to share this week.

Helen Jorski 

We are often thankful for our young people, as they are the next generation of Christian leaders. It is a joy to watch them grow in the Lord over the years. At 20 years old, Helen is one of our accomplished pianists here at The Church At Katy. You can always count on her to cover for an accompaniment on short notice. And I do mean on short notice! But playing the piano isn't the only thing she's good at. Helen is also studying to become a Paramedic, and is currently working with the local fire departments around Houston, and in the ER at one of the hospitals nearby. As well as her love for the Lord, Helen also possesses a love for the outdoors: hiking, camping, rock climbing, canoeing, and everything in between. A very kind and gracious person, she is an ever helpful and willing servant of God. 
Helen: "My favorite thing about the church is the balance Pastor Taylor has that is reflected in the church family. He wants people to seek out God, not to fit inside a man made mold. He is solid on biblical doctrine and he's not afraid to preach difficult or unpopular things. At the same time he believes in 'purple socks.' If the Bible is unclear or doesn't say much about an issue, he doesn't try to force his personal convictions on others. I love that he would rather have someone believe something different than him and have sought out the issue before God than to blindly agree with someone else's convictions. And I love how this belief is demonstrated by many in the church family. I think it's a healthy and biblical implementation of grace." 

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