Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Father's Life

I just finished a week of volunteering at a classical guitar music festival here is Houston. This is my second year doing this. My son competes in this festival each year and has done very well. This year he placed second amidst some very stiff competition. Part of my duties this year was to be back stage to proctor the competitors before they performed. I would announce each one prior to their entry on stage.

As a father, I will admit my prejudice. Our son, JB, played extremely well. Maybe the best I have ever heard him. It brought tears to my eyes, literally. I had a lot of time to reflect on the week and here are some of my thoughts (a bit random maybe).

Wow, that is my son? - Musical abilities run in our family a little. My wife was first chair violinist in her high school orchestra. My oldest son plays a variety of instruments. My daughters have some skills on the piano. My youngest son is doing well taking cello lessons. I have played guitar since I was about ten years old and currently am going through my second childhood learning to play the ukulele. So music runs in our family, but wow, not like this. JB has exceeded all of us.

What a roller coaster of nerves. - There was so much tension in the air surrounding the competition. I remember playing sports when I was a kid. I used to get so nervous before a big baseball game or a wrestling match I thought I was going to throw up. I could see the nerves visibly on all the competitors faces as they were preparing to go on stage to compete. It was amazing to see how they were able to get the nerves under control and perform with such silky smooth ease. Hats off to them all.

My son has a gift from God. - JB only started playing the guitar back in 2007. He started out teaching himself off the internet. Very soon after he was able to find a teacher locally that really made a huge difference in his playing. Whether she (Valerie) knows it or not she is a gift from God as well. Its been said that we are what we are because of the people we meet. Some impact us negatively and some positively. Its up to us to choose which way we allow people to influence us. I am thankful that JB has been able to take the good from the people he has met in life and rise above the negative. Many have wasted the gifts given them. My prayer is that JB will not.

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