Sunday, July 7, 2013

God Bless America

I recently posted this on my Facebook page and thought I would post it here because some do not use Facebook.

Having lived in another country for nearly thirteen years, I still believe America is the greatest country on earth. She is not perfect, never was. She is not Christian, never was. (A country cannot be "Christian" but only stand for Christian principles. In 313AD Constantine tried to make a Christian nation and it was a mess.) What makes America great is her nobility. Where is all the foreign aid when disaster strikes within the shores of our nation? It never comes. America is always the first to send funds to other countries when disaster strikes there. America has extremely generous immigration laws, but they are laws to be followed. Try gaining residency in a foreign country! This is truly the land of opportunity. For the most part, if a person is willing to work he can find work enough to feed his family. If you desire to hate on America, I suggest you move to another country for a while. You will come running back and kiss the ground. God bless America!

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