Monday, January 26, 2015

Make Good Choices

I saw a sign the other day that was so to the point and true I had to write about. The sign said,

How true do those words ring? We often make excuses for why things turn sour in our lives and blame everything and everyone around us. It is the society we live in. Its the fault of our spouse or children. If only I had a better job. If only I were prettier or smarter or taller...

The list of who and what we blame is endless.

The fact is that for every choice we make there is a consequence. Sometimes good things happen and we are satisfied with the outcome. Sometimes we make poor choices and the consequences are not enjoyable. When the latter happens we look around to shift blame so we can somehow feel better about ourselves or even feel sorry for ourselves. Our pride makes us not want to admit that we did this to ourselves.

When Israel was about the enter the Promised Land Joshua confronted the nation with these words. "Choose you this day whom you will serve." He then clearly laid out the consequences of making the wrong choice. Israel knew what would happen if they did not choose wisely.

So often we are blind to the consequences of our bad choices. We choose with little or no understanding of what might happen. Its almost understandable (not totally). But Israel had their eyes wide open. They knew what would happen and they still chose to dishonor God.

Stop making bad choices and blaming everyone and everything around you. Take the responsibility when you mess up. Set your course straight. Your life will be exponentially better.

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