Saturday, March 21, 2015


I recently picked up my guitar again after a very long time of not playing. My fingers got very sore just like they did many years ago when I first started to learn to play. After several weeks of intense playing I have developed callouses on my finger tips. They are crusty and ugly but they sure do keep my fingers from hurting. These callouses have developed from repeatedly striking, pressing, and sliding on the strings. To a guitar player they are welcome friends.

The Bible warns believers about developing a “hard (calloused) heart.” While to a musician callouses are good but to a Christian a calloused heart is not. A heart become hardened when a person repeatedly resists the leading of the Holy Spirit. A heart becomes hardened when instead of loving and forgiving we become angry and resentful. A heart can become hardened when it loses compassion for those in need. Our human nature causes us to judge others more harshly then we might judge ourselves. This can lead to hardness of heart as well. 

Friend, lets be careful that we not allow ourselves to become so hardened that we lose the love of God for others. Yes, they are not perfect. In fact they truly are dirty rotten sinners (just like us). I have seen this posted on social media and I like it so it is worth repeating. “Don’t judge others just because they sin differently than you do.” Don’t let your heart get hardened toward others.

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